Voting Rights = Financial Wellness. Full Stop.

If you care about student debt and the cost of college, housing affordability, child and elder care that does not require you to sacrifice your retirement, medical care that does not bankrupt you, then you care about voting rights.

If your job or your passion is to enable people to have achieve financial independence and you have Congressional representation (I don’t; I’m in DC) and you are not talking to your senators and House representatives about voting rights, then you are not doing your job and you are not honoring your passion.

If you live in a state where your local representatives are working overtime to keep citizens from the polls, or drawing Congressional maps to entrench the interests of those who quite decidedly do not care about anyone’s financial wellness other than the rich, you need to make your voice heard.

There are a raft of policies and proposals out there with popular support that can make financial wellness, financial independence or whatever you want to call it attainable for many, many more people than now.

A blog about how to save for retirement is no match for a vote for a representative who can affect the changes that are needed to make retirement saving possible.

These votes must be heard. If you care anything about helping others achieve their financial goals, then you need to care about and advocate for voting rights. Full stop.



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